Best Dog Sledding in Quebec: Places to Try This Winter

Dog sledding in Quebec, Canada, is a top bucket list item for many people. You can find the best dogsledding in Quebec in so many places and regions, as winter is a real wonderland, during which the value, scenery, and overall experience combine for an unforgettable experience.

If you have a little experience, use this guide to narrow your search and find a trail and guide that will suit your advanced needs perfectly. There are plenty of options, but I’ve narrowed the search to some of the top 5 best places to go dog sledding in Quebec. 

Pack of Dogs - Sleighing on Snowy Ground - Priscilla Du Preez - From Unsplash
Photo: Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash

1. Fjord Aventure – Best Overall Activity

My top reason for listing Fjord Aventure as number one is its commitment to providing small, intimate tours. This allows for a more interactive and hands-on dog sledding adventure, as you’ll have the best opportunity to participate in driving the sled and working with the dogs.

One of the things that sets Fjord Aventure apart is their utmost dedication to the well-being and happiness of their dogs and wildlife in general. While I’ve made sure that all the suggestions on this list treat their animals correctly as best as possible, Fjord Adventure goes above and beyond with their own wildlife rescue that you can visit in the summer.

And let’s not forget about the breathtaking scenery of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Gliding through the pristine white landscapes, you’ll feel like you’re in a winter wonderland.

Price: $$

Nearest City: Quebec City (3.5-hours’ drive)

Beginner Friendly: Yes

Overnight Trips: Yes

2. Outdoor Logistik – Best Guides

For those who want a more personal and educational touch to their experience, I’ve listed Outdoor Logistik as number two for their knowledgeable and personable guides. This company provides tours with more than just dogsledding, so the knowledge and personality of their guides really shine through when you’re on an excursion.

Visitors to Mont Tremblant (click for other places in this city) will benefit most from this location as it’s only 40 minutes away. The trails meander through the dense forest surrounding the Laurentian mountains and will make you feel like you’re sledding in a snow globe. 

Price: $

Nearest City: Montreal (2.75-hours’ driving)

Beginner Friendly: Yes

Overnight Trips: Yes (cannot be booked online, must call)


Black and White Dog - Beside Tree - Max Van Den - From Unsplash
Photo: Max Van Den from Unsplash

3. Aventures Plein Air – Best for Beginners

Aventures Plein Air is located in the Laurentians just a stone’s throw away from Montreal, making it incredibly convenient for anyone in the area who wants to experience the thrilling world of dog sledding. No long drives or exhausting journeys necessary.

They really go above and beyond to make sure beginners have an unforgettable experience. They offer short, guided dog sledding tours specifically created for novices, ensuring that you receive all the necessary instructions, tips, and tricks to embark on this adventure with confidence.

Another reason why APA stands out for beginners is their top-notch equipment. You’ll be equipped with everything you need, from warm clothing to cozy blankets, so you can focus on the exhilarating experience instead of worrying about the logistics.

Price: $$$

Nearest City: Montreal (1.5-hour drive)

Beginner Friendly: Yes

Overnight Trips: No

4. Pourvoirie du Lac-Beauport – Closest to an Airport

Pourvoirie Lac Beauport provides an ideal backdrop for your dog sledding adventure near Quebec City. The beauty of nature here is truly awe-inspiring, making the whole experience even more immersive and enjoyable.

A standout feature here is the length of dog sledding tours they offer. You can opt for a one-hour or an introductory 30-minute tour, allowing you to tailor your experience to your schedule. The guides will also provide fascinating insights into the local flora, fauna, and history as you traverse the trails, making the tour educational and immersive.

In addition to dog sledding, they provide various other winter activities, such as snowshoeing, ice fishing, and ice skating. So, after your exhilarating dog sledding adventure, you can also enjoy these additional activities.

Price: $$

Nearest City: Quebec City (0.5-hour drive)

Beginner Friendly: Yes

Overnight Trips: No

A Group of Dogs - Walking Across a Snow Covered Field - Angel Luciano - From Unsplash
Photo: Angel Luciano – From Unsplash

5. Meute Tanwen – Best for Advanced Dog-Sledders

If you’ve been dogsledding before and are more interested in the sports side and want to learn how to go fast and take corners, head to Meute Tanwen in Lac-Simon in the Outaouais region. Guides here are experts and have devoted most of their lives to dog sledding and its intricacies.

Due to this added experience, you’ll traverse more remote trails, allowing you to see the natural wildlife and untouched terrain.

They do offer a one-hour tour for beginners, but there are better options with lower prices and better scenery if this is you. Gain experience with one of the other trails above, and then you’ll be ready for an expert trail like this one. 

Price: $

Nearest City: Montreal (2-hour drive)

Beginner Friendly: Not really

Overnight Trips: No

A Sled with a Red Cover on it - in the Snow - Jorgen Vervliet - From Unsplash
Photo: Jorgen Vervliet from Unsplash

If you’re looking for some other great dog sledding spots and tours in other regions, look no further:


Near Montreal


Quebec City


Summary of Quebec Dog Sledding

Yes, the best dog sledding in Quebec is at Fjord Aventure, but this sport offers many options for different levels of sledders.

First, identify your skill level and decide how long you want to sled. Once you’ve done that, choose the landscape you’d like to explore and match those criteria to one of the suggestions above.

All you have left to do is enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.

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