Trip Planner

You’re on your way to the unforgettable destination of Quebec? You’d like to plan a getaway to Canada’s French-speaking province or you’re daydreaming about where to go next? Chasing Poutine’s Trip Planner section will help you find all the information you need to get ready for your travels to Montreal, Quebec City and all the other fabulous regions I fell in love with on my multiple road trips and joruneys from my hometown through La Belle Province!

Access all the articles about your planning phases through the Trip Planner, whether they be suggested itineraries and travel routes, answers to the traditional “Where to Stay”, “What and Where to Eat”, “What to See and Do”, and “How to Get There” questions as well as tips for your travel budget and recommendations on packing and luggage essentials!

For frequently asked questions (FAQ) about planning a trip to Quebec, start here!

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