About Me

Hi, I’m Jennifer.
You can call me Jen!

I created Chasing Poutine because I have travelled the world in search of the unmissable and unforgettable, only to realize that some of the best, jaw-dropping places lay right here near home in mon Québec!

Are you here to book your dream trip to Quebec or coming for a short weekend across the provincial border? Chasing Poutine has got you covered either way!

Within the pages of the blog, you’ll find advice on taking the road less travelled just as much as ticking off those must-see places in Quebec, all with tips and tricks from a local. Get tailored travel advice, filled with researched practical information, and informed opinions about doing things differently without missing the best spots in Quebec!

I’ve been exploring my home province for years and want to share the best, the coolest, the quirkiest and sometimes even the weirdest experiences, places and people I’ve met and keep meeting along the way.

Even if I believe in the efficiency of SEO to get the word out, it’s very important to me that articles be honest, heartfelt and written with quality in mind, first and foremost.

Jennifer Dore Dallas putting elastics on lobster in the Magdalen Islands

What can you read about on the blog?

– First-person accounts of must-see attractions and destinations around Quebec.

– Tips, tricks and advice from a local Québécois perspective to plan your trip.

– Personal experiences and inspirations for your next vacation!


That’s why Chasing Poutine consists of a range of subjects, from spending the night in Quebec’s best glamping spots to eating out beyond poutine and making the best of a weekend in La Belle Province. Many other exciting experiences await!

Why the Name Chasing Poutine?

Well, you guessed it… I absolutely LOVE poutine, Quebec’s typical meal, and I enjoy chasing its different variations all across the province. Besides pleasing my taste buds, poutine is also one of the words that constantly comes to mind when people think of La Belle Province, so it’s a more than appropriate name for a travel blog about Quebec, don’t you think?

Meet the Québécoise Behind the Blog

Hi! I’m Jennifer Doré Dallas. Born in Montreal with bilingual parents, I lived in Laval all my childhood and in Montreal as an adult. I have now made the Montérégie region my home, also known as the south shore of Montreal.

In 2015, I finally set foot in every region of Quebec but one and I’ve revisited them over and over since then.

Prior to becoming a corporate drop-out to live my dream, I completed a bachelor’s degree in German Studies and worked as a bid manager for various IT and e-learning firms. Yeah, I know, not quite what you expected of a travel writer, right?

What some would call an old lady of the blogging world, I’ve been around since 2010 (yup, before Instagram, can you imagine?!). Established entrepreneur and serial traveller, I founded Moi, mes souliers, a leading French language travel blog, and have been creating a tourism freelance name for myself ever since.

I’ve been told I have a knack for behaving like a digital octopus and somehow crafting infinite time as a freelance writer, documenting my favourite places, all while blogging with integrity and ethics, values that are true to my heart.

Proud and published author at Lonely Planet, Guides Ulysse and Parfum d’encre, I’ve also produced 1.5h travel movies about the Magdalen Islands and Germany, each shown on the big screen within Quebec.

I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Hop on for the ride and let’s discover Quebec together!

Random Facts About the Blogger Behind Chasing Poutine

  • I’m addicted to coffee shops and gin tonics.
  • I basically never order a funky poutine, I always test it out the “traditional” way.
  • I’m a Ziploc and packing cube devotee.
  • In my opinion, umbrellas are so overrated.
  • If you want to torture me, have me climb a high mountain. I’m more of the après-ski type, you know? Good friends, good food, funky cocktails and a cozy atmosphere around passionate people are my kind of experience.
Jennifer Doré Dallas in hammock in the Magdalen Islands

Let me know how I can help you maximize your trip to the awesome province of Quebec.

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Bon voyage, as we say!