What and Where to Eat

If you’re anything like me, sampling local food is an essential part of a successful trip. For some, it’s only about getting three meals a day. In both cases, Chasing Poutine has a bunch of recommendations and best spots for you.

Of course, there’s poutine you must have heard of before, a staple in Quebec, but we’ve got so much more to make your mouth water. Whether you’re going crazy on coffee or microbreweries, indulging on the customary brunch, looking for greasy spoons for a quick lunch or wondering which great restaurant to book for dinner, the articles below are filled with great places where to eat as well as ingredients and typical meals you need to try while wandering through Quebec!

Oh! And did I mention maple syrup concoctions, foie gras and all kinds of flavours from all over the world? Quebec City, Montreal and many other Quebec regions are known for the variety of international restaurants they foster, the richness and inventiveness of their cuisine, and the exceptional know-how of our local producers and food artisans.

Even if you aren’t a passionate foodie (and even better if you are!), you’ll find tried and tested recommendations for your next meal, Quebec food tour or poutine fest in the following articles.

Bon appétit!

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