Travel Budget

At Chasing Poutine, budget isn’t an issue, it’s a step in the travel-planning process. No matter the amount of money you have or the kind of trip around Quebec you’d like to enjoy, there are ways to save and stretch your wallet without compromising on experience and fun!

Sometimes it’s about saving everywhere you can and backpacking, camping or even bumming a sofa off of a friend’s friend to spare every possible dime. Other times, life calls for a celebration, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canada’s French-speaking province, or a weekend getaway with a loved one you’ll cherish forever. Even in this case, you’ll want to save where you can to maximize the budget for the rest. That’s where I fit in!

I believe in saving where you can to splurge where you desire.

You’re a foodie with an urge to try everything from poutine to five-star establishments? Then save on lodging and tours as much as you can. If you’re a light sleeper and need a soundproof hotel room, you’ll assign a bit more budget to accommodation, but maybe take a few bucks off the total of your Quebec trip by using public transportation or saving on a marketplace meal! No matter the struggle, there’s a solution!

As far as a general travel budget goes, you’ll find within the articles below a great overview of what it costs to plan and organize a trip to Quebec, as well as learn where to cut back some precious dollars, reduce money spent per category and, if that’s what you’re going for, travel for cheap in Quebec’s regions!

Bon voyage!