Winter Holidays

Have you ever experienced the magical feeling of falling snow on a beautiful winter night? There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air on a sunny winter’s day before a glittering field covered in a fresh layer of flurries. Whether it’s your first ever encounter with snow or you’re a seasoned winter lover, Quebec is a must-see destination during the cold months.

From the North’s mystical adventures to the cities’ festivals or the mountain ski resorts, let yourself be mesmerized by the breathtaking range of things to do outdoors even when the thermometer hits way below zero!

Tease some lake trout fishing under the ice, let the dog sledding pooches run wild ahead of you, lace up your skates for a friendly game of hockey or tune into a Canadiens’ game at the pub.

Meet Bonhomme at Quebec City’s winter carnival, dance the night away at Montreal’s Igloofest or Montréal en Lumière, hit the slopes or enjoy a more relaxed après-ski at a Nordic spa. Borrow snowshoes to explore the trails or rent a chalet for some R&R in nature. Learn about indigenous traditions, visit Quebec’s impressive Christmas markets or choose my homeland for your spring break escapades!

Who knows why they call it spring break when it’s actually in winter, but it’s most definitely one of the best times to visit Quebec if you aren’t scared of crows. Tons of special attractions and activities are organized for the whole family in every part of the province!

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