9 Best Things to Do in the Mauricie Region

I was somehow a late bloomer as a traveller to the Mauricie region, nestled between Quebec and Montreal on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. How times have changed, as I’ve been back again and again since then! So you can discover it yourself, here are some of my best and top lesser-known and different places to visit and activities to do in the Mauricie region as we enjoy a little road trip from Sainte-Thècle to Shawinigan!

What to Do in Mauricie: My Trip From Sainte-Thècle to Shawinigan

We leave Montreal at 10:30 and (of course!) stop for a quick brunch—essential element of any road trip in Quebec, you will agree! The road from Montreal only takes a little over two hours, but with our break for our first stop on our recommended itinerary, we finally set foot in the region around 2:30.

Clos Sainte-Thècle Vineyard: Where to Drink in Mauricie


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Located right in the heart of the cute village of Sainte-Thècle is the Clos Sainte-Thècle vineyard. You wouldn’t suspect finding a vineyard in town… Then you see the panorama stretching out as far as the eye can see behind the vines!

We talk a while with the friendly owner of the place, who explains the realities of his life as a winegrower and he even asks a few questions about my life as a blogger!

Of course, we’re not leaving empty-handed… It’s their rosé wine that won my heart!

  • 171, rue du Vignoble, Sainte-Thècle
  • 581 781-8468
  • Visit and wine tasting by reservation only

Boulangerie Germain: Where to Eat in Mauricie

After wine, what can be better than bread and pastries? It’s in the pretty garden of a small institution called Boulangerie Germain that we enjoy a sugar tart and a chocolate glazed donut, while we soak up some sun.

Our brunch had filled us well, but this century-old establishment is a great place to cheat and cheers, especially when Martin Brière, one of the owners, shows us around. It’s simple, I wanted to taste everything, and my nostrils were just as satisfied!

You can also dine there, as many sandwiches and ready-made meals are waiting to be eaten on the neighbouring terrace!

  • 570, rue Notre-Dame, Sainte-Thècle
  • 418 289-3145

After our visit, we stopped for a few moments on the shores of Lac-Croche, an ideal place to bring said lunch or sweet bites for a picnic!

Shawinigan, a Must-See in Mauricie

Around 5 pm, we retraced our steps south to visit Shawinigan as the sun set gently over the Saint-Maurice River. I took several pictures of the Cité de l’énergie on the opposite shore, which can be seen very well along the large pedestrian promenade. The air is cool, and I can feel like autumn setting in, but the leaves are not completely changed yet. I can’t help but think of the Filles de Caleb, a Québécois novel and show from my childhood that so many names from the Mauricie region remind me of!

Le Trou du Diable Microbrewery in Shawinigan, Where to Have a Drink

We were originally supposed to have dinner at À la Fût de Sainte-Tite Microbrewery, but it was closed, so it’s the Trou du Diable in Shawinigan that welcomed us and we were not disappointed! After all, the Mauricie has no shortage of microbreweries to try if you’re a beer fan!

We go out for a walk to digest a bit, as we’re not very hungry yet (after all, we’ve only been eating all day, haven’t we?), and then we go in and order a drink. Who says aperitif says beer in this kind of place, and neither of us manage to choose only one beer from the colourful and well-stocked menu. Rather, it’s the tasting menu that catches our eye. The sweetest for me, the strongest for my friend. A huge crush for the Tractor Season beer, with aromas of passion fruit, where the fruit was very present and refreshing; my kind of drink!

I’ll let the photos tell you what we chose, but I can assure you it was all delicious. I would even say the food exceeded our expectations for a microbrewery! The atmosphere for a weeknight was great too, I can’t even imagine on the weekend!

  • 412, rue Willow, Shawinigan
  • 819 537-9151

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Gîte Domaine de la Baie: Where to Sleep in Shawinigan, Mauricie

After so much gluttony in such a short time, nothing caught our eye more than Domaine de la Baie where our room awaited us. In an old ancestral house full of woodwork (I love it!), we always sleep better and, needless to say, that we did not last long before passing out! We didn’t even have time to try the outdoor spa, what a shame!

Apart from the impeccable service from the owners of the Gîte Domaine de la Baie, my favourite part of the place is without a doubt the gourmet breakfast we shared with tourists who came to visit the Mauricie national park. If memory serves me right, I would say this was the most generous breakfast I have ever had in a bed and breakfast! I would love to go back and try the whirlpool suite that I could only catch a glimpse of!

The Domaine de la Baie is a good accommodation suggestion where to sleep in Shawinigan or during a trip to Mauricie after a day of hiking or sightseeing, for lovers or friends travelling together!

  • 4200, boul. Trudel East, St-Boniface-de-Shawinigan
  • 819 609-6606

Which must-see place makes you most want to go for a weekend in the Mauricie Region?

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