Best Montreal Ice Cream Spots

I scream you scream, we all scream ICE CREAM! Song lyrics that I’m sure hold a nostalgic place in all our hearts, and for good reason. Since the invention of the sweet and creamy treat in the mid-1800s, ice cream has been loved by children and adults alike; and nothing says summer in Quebec like going for ice cream. Some of the best ice cream I’ve eaten in my life can be found in Montreal, but it’s impossible to pick just one place that has ice cream worth screaming for. So here are 10 of the best Montreal ice cream spots. 

Coloured Ice Cream - in a Cone - Courtney Cook - Unsplash

1. Gélaterie Pierino

This is the place to go for some of the best gelato in Montreal! But this shop isn’t for kids. Instead, Gelaterie Pierino is known for its boozy wine-infused gelato: because grown-ups deserve icy treats too! 

Gelato Counter - with a Large Variety - Jeshootscom - Pixabay

2. Ca Lem Ice Cream Shop

This is a place for the adventurous! If you’re willing to try exotic flavours such as pandan, taro, black sesame and Vietnamese coffee, this will become one of your favourite ice cream shops in Montreal. Many of the flavours are coconut milk-based, allowing vegans or lactose-intolerant people to enjoy them as well. 

Chocolate Ice Cream - with Sparkles -Jenny Smith - Unsplash

3. Hoche Glacé

Three words: vegan ice cream! Did your mouth just water? 

Hoche Glacé offers patrons a vegan soft serve that can be topped with sprinkles, nuts, and berries. Take it one step further by ordering a delicious vegan parfait with a chocolate coulis sauce. And don’t forget the dog! This place has special ice cream sandwiches for dogs making it a local favourite for humans and k9s of all types. 

Chocolate Dipped - Ice Cream Cone - Dylan Ferreira - Unsplash

4. Pizzeria Gema

Dinner and dessert! Pizzeria Gema is one of Montreal’s hot spots. Enjoy a slice and wash it down with a frozen custard made with milk from Laiterie Chagnon in Waterloo, Quebec. This place goes all out, offering flavours like Belgian chocolate, vanilla and pistachio and toppings including butterscotch sauce, macerated cherries, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and salted roasted nuts. 

You won’t be going to Pizzeria Gema just for the pizza, everything on their menu is worth the indulgence making it easy to see why it’s some of the best ice cream in Montreal. 

Chocolate and Nuts - Ice Cream - Silviarita - Pixabay

5. Unicone

You don’t need to travel the world to experience flavours from around the globe because Unicone brings them to you in the form of ice cream! This artisanal ice creamery specializes in worldwide flavours from America to Oceania to Africa and Asia. 

Their unique menu offers flavours inspired by desserts from different countries around the world and no other ice cream shops in Montreal offer this truly one-of-a-kind cultural experience. 

Strawberry Ice Cream - Reginasphoto - Pixabay

6. Gaufres & Glaces 

Waffle cones are delicious but this Montreal ice cream shop takes the waffles cone to a whole other level. Enjoy a waffle your way, be it on a plate Belgium style, on a stick or in the shape of a cone and customize it however you want. Choose from 9 flavours of soft serve, 12 Belgian chocolate dips and over 12 topping options. That’s over 100,000 combinations!

Chocolate Chip - Ice Cream Cone - Priscilla Dupreez - Unsplash

7. Noble Café, One of the Best Montreal Ice Cream Spots

This is one of the ice-cream shops in Montreal that has a very peculiar specialty, a cold brew soft serve float. When the sun is high, and you need an afternoon pick me up, the cold brew float at Noble will hit the spot. This creamery is a caffeine lover’s dream! 

Ice Cream -in a Coffee - K8 - Unsplash

8. Wild Willy’s 

If I have to choose between 15 flavours of ice cream, I get overwhelmed, make that 48 and I’m lost in ice cream heaven or should I say lost in Wild Willy’s! 

Wild Willy’s has 48 types of homemade ice cream to choose from and they cater to everyone. From lactose intolerant to those who enjoy a delicious vegan ice cream, they literally have it all! 

Waffle Cone - and Two Tone - Soft Ice Cream - Charles Deluvio Unsplash

9. Dolce & Santella

If you’re looking for some of the best gelato in Montreal, look no further. Dolce & Santella offers exquisite gelato made only from local ingredients. With mouthwatering flavours such as tiramisu, pistachio mascarpone and pineapple, with just one bit you’ll be able to taste the passion that goes into making each handcrafted batch. 

Gelato Counter - with Lots of Flavour - Hilda Gea - Unsplash

10. Matcha Zanmai

It doesn’t get matcha better than this! 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

In all seriousness, you won’t find ice cream like this in any of the other Montreal ice cream shops. Matcha Zanmai is dedicated to matcha-everything. If you’re a lover of the delicious green powder, the matcha soft serve is to die for! It’s available in a cone, cup or sundae, for those ready to go all out. 

Soft Matcha Ice Cream - in a Cone - Igor Ovsyannykov - Pixabay

Whether you’re a visitor or you call Montreal your home, any of these 10 ice cream shops are worth a visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed by any of them (although can one really be disappointed by ice cream?).

Colourful, rich and creamy, ice cream from any one of these places will have your senses engaged giving you a delicious experience you won’t soon forget. 

Summer in Montreal just got a lot better, didn’t it? 

Ever been to Montreal? What are your best Montreal ice cream spots you’d recommend?

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