Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass Guide

Everyone riding a Ski-Doo on the Quebec trails needs to always have a valid trail pass on them. They are readily available online and can be conveniently purchased ahead of your trip.

However, you do have some options to choose from, which makes finding the best one for your riding needs crucial. Each option is carefully outlined below and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per family.

Ski-Doo is a popular and thrilling winter activity for many locals. This fast-paced sport allows you to ride on snow-covered trails and experience the stunning winter landscapes of Quebec. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action, get the answers to your questions here in this Quebec Ski-Doo trail pass guide.

Person Riding Snow Mobile - During Daytime - Spencer Davis - from Unsplash
Photo: Spencer Davis from Unsplash

Who Needs a Ski-Doo Trail Pass?

Snowmobilers who have their own machines and want to ride on any official trails maintained by the Fédération des Clubs de Motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) will need an official trail pass.

If you choose Ski-Doo rentals from a tour company, then it is the tour operator’s responsibility to have valid passes for that time of the year. Before signing up for any snowmobile rental or tour, inquire about this and snowmobile licences.

Acquiring a Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass

The first step to acquiring a Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass is to ensure you have a valid snowmobile licence issued by the FCMQ. This licence is mandatory for all snowmobilers in Quebec and can be easily obtained by completing a one-day training course.

Once you have your licence, you can visit the FCMQ website or any of their authorized agents to purchase your trail pass. The pass is available for purchase from October 1st to April 30th and is valid for one full year. Costs this year are as follows.

Annual Trail Permit (purchased on or before December 9, 2023)$440
Annual Trail Permit (purchased after December 9, 2023)$530
Annual Trail Permit (sold on-site)$900
Annual Trail Permit* (for antique snowmobiles 2004 and older)$400
7-Day Trail Permit*$285
3-Day Trail Permit*$185
1-Day Trail Permit*$95
*Not sold on-site

Local Tip

You may be eligible for a free trial. The FCMQ offers trial permits free of charge sporadically. Check their website frequently to ensure you’re not left out.

A Person Riding a Sled Down - a Snow Covered Road - Dan Cutler - from Unsplash
Photo: Dan Cutler from Unsplash

Using the Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass

Once you have your Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass, you are ready to hit the exhilarating snowmobiling trails of Quebec. The pass grants you access to over 33,000 km of well-groomed trails spread across the province.

The trails are marked with signs showing the designated routes, speed limit, and direction. It’s essential to follow these signs to ensure your safety and respect the environment and the landowners’ property. As a snowmobiler, it is your responsibility to preserve the trails and leave them in the same condition you found them.

Insurance Coverage

The trail pass also covers liability insurance up to $500,000 if you choose to purchase the add-on. For those who already have insurance from their home province, then you may opt out of the insurance package offered through the trail pass. This will save you roughly $40 and provide you with the peace of mind that you are covered in case of any accidents.

A Man with Helmet - on a Snowmobile - Qiuhai Gao - from Unsplash
Photo: Qiuhai Gao from Unsplash

Tips to Take Full Advantage of Your Quebec Trail Pass

  • Plan your trip in advance: Quebec’s snowmobiling season runs from December to April, and planning your trip in advance is crucial to avoid any disappointment. Popular trails can get crowded during peak season, so be sure to make reservations for accommodations and rentals in advance.
  • Explore different trails: With over 33,000 km of trails, Quebec offers a variety of landscapes and experiences. Don’t just limit yourself to one trail; explore different regions to get the most out of your pass. Each trail has its unique charm, from winding forest trails to scenic mountain routes.
  • Dress appropriately: We have harsh winters here in Quebec, with temperatures dropping to sub-zero for months at a time. It is essential to dress appropriately with layers of warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold. Wearing a helmet and protective gear for your safety is also recommended. This Packing List for Quebec in Winter will help you decide what to bring.
  • Bring a map or GPS: While the trails are well-marked, carrying a map or GPS is always a good idea to avoid getting lost. Some trails may have alternate routes, detours, or cross with other trails, so a map can help you plan your trip accordingly.
  • Respect the environment: While enjoying the trails, it is essential to remember that these are natural spaces that need to be preserved. Avoid littering and follow designated routes to minimize your impact on the environment.
Two People with Snowmobiles - on a Frozen Lake - Ethan Walsweer - from Unsplash
Photo: Ethan Walsweer from Unsplash

Summary – Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass Guide

Acquiring and using a Quebec Ski-Doo Trail Pass is essential for anyone looking to experience the thrill of snowmobiling in Quebec. Follow the above tips and be a responsible snowmobiler to make the most of your pass and create unforgettable memories on Quebec’s beautiful trails.

Gear up, grab your pass, and hit the snowmobile trails of Quebec!

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