Top 6 Restaurants in Wakefield, Quebec

Those who find themselves in Wakefield are often shocked by how good the restaurants are. Lots of people say the best restaurant in Wakefield is The Village House, but it has some stiff competition. The other restaurants on this list are nothing short of incredible. They each serve food crafted from local products, using traditional recipes, but with a modern twist that makes each dish incredibly memorable.

Who knew Wakefield was a town chock full of foodies?! Let’s discover Wakefield restaurants in Quebec’s Outaouais region.

plate of fish at La Muse Restaurant

1. The Village House – Best Overall Restaurant in Wakefield

This upscale pub embodies the town of Wakefield perfectly. Owned and run by a local family, The Village House (La Maison du Village) churns out some of the best gastronomic food.

While the menu isn’t huge, you won’t want anything else once you’ve had the cold-smoked duck breast to start and then the maple and herb braised beef short ribs with smoked marrow mashed potatoes. I had such trouble choosing, everything was really delicious!

The vibe is casual but more upscale than your average pub. The dining room is split into sections to create a sense of privacy no matter how busy it gets. Summers are best spent on their patio overlooking the Gatineau River.

Food Type: Gastronomy

Atmosphere: Business casual

Price: $$$

2. La Muse – Best for Special Occasions

For something more upscale, head to La Muse for classic French cuisine. Located in the historic Moulin Wakefield Mill, the atmosphere is almost as elegant as the food.

Start with the foie gras served with almond crumble and sweet and salty dulce de leche ganache (nope, this is not a dessert). I personally am not a fan of foie gras, but my table neighbours said it was amazing and it is a staple.

Once you’ve had that and think it can’t get any better, order the Royal Rabbit, which is stuffed with truffles, foie gras, and a charcuterie sauce with parsnip and chestnut purée. I opted for the fish and it was very well cooked.

You can’t get the entire French experience without pairing your meal with excellent wine. Discuss with your server at the beginning so they can guide you through the wine list and recommend the best wine options for your dishes.

To be fully transparent, this restaurant has a really good reputation, but I have to admit I found it a little bit expensive for the quality compared to others you can find in the province with the same level of gastronomy.

Food Type: Traditional French

Atmosphere: Classy

Price: $$$$$

3. Le Hibou – Best Casual Restaurant

Do you want a home-cooked meal that sticks to your ribs and tastes like a grandmother from Quebec cooked it? If yes, then stop by Le Hibou, Cuisine, Bar & Kitchen, and bring your appetite.

Just because the food here is old school doesn’t mean it lacks creativity. The poutine is made with house gravy and locally sourced cheese curds but is also served with chicken for the Aux Saveurs des Monts farm, cilantro, and red pepper.

Don’t fill up on appetizers, though; you’ve got more to look forward to. Whether you choose the mussels and fries, house tagliatelle, or classic fish and chips, you won’t leave here hungry.

If it’s nice out, be sure to eat out on the terrasse, but the colourful dining room was really pleasing to sit in!

Food Type: Modern Quebec

Atmosphere: Casual

Price: $$

4. Bistro Rutherford – Best for Families

Quebec province is one of the best family-friendly destinations, but sometimes the food is not always kid-friendly in some restaurants; enter Bistro Rutherford. With classic diner options, no child will be able to resist the chargrilled cheeseburgers and scrumptious French fries. Adults neither!

For those who never want to see another burger again, try the 12-hour smoked brisket sandwich with a side of fennel coleslaw. You could also try their sausage of the week, which is always served on a buttery brioche bun with a side of BBQ baked beans.

Food Type: Diner-style

Atmosphere: Casual

Price: $$

5. Nikosi – Best Local Quebec Fare

Wakefield restaurants are surprisingly good, given how small the town is, and Nikosi Bistro Pub is a perfect example. This could easily thrive in the downtown core of Quebec City, and I’d still recommend it as one of the good ones around.

Bring your creative Quebec cravings here to enjoy prosciutto and blue cheese flatbread, maple jerk chicken wings, and duck poutine. For your main, look no further than the blueberry & duck bannock grilled cheese.

This may seem a little low-brow for a fancy place like this, but I assure you, they have elevated the flavours that will make it hard for you to return to ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches.

Food Type: Classic Quebec Fare

Atmosphere: Upscale

Price: $$$$

Nikosi Terrasse in Summer - Outaouais restaurant

6. Kaffé 1870 – Most Affordable Place to Eat in Wakefield

Gather your pals and head to Kaffé 1870 for a relaxing evening filled with unique beers, small plates of food, and an ever-changing specials menu that’s larger than their regular menu. This is a great place to stop in after your shinny game or a round of golf.

The menu is a snack bar style with very inexpensive options. Feel free to order a few things so everyone can share; you won’t have to worry about leftovers. Start with the artichoke dip, nachos, Asian meatballs, and Parmesan dill popcorn.

If you’re still hungry, ask about the specials!

Food Type: Pub fare

Atmosphere: Casual

Price: $

Front of Kaffé 1870 in Wakefield

7. Ixim Café + Bistro- Latin American Flavours

Ixim Café + Bistro is a delightful dining spot that specializes in tapas and tacos, offering a tantalizing array of Latin American flavours. Beyond its regular menu, the restaurant also hosts special 4-course wild harvest dinners featuring locally foraged ingredients, adding a unique touch to the dining experience.

The charming ambiance is enhanced by a lovely little terrace adorned with bright red shutters and details, creating a cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals. With a focus on gluten-free comfort foods inspired by ancestral roots and complemented by wild crafted sodas, cocktails, and mocktails, this Wakefield restaurant promises a culinary journey filled with delicious tastes and warm hospitality.

Front of Ixim restaurant in Wakefield, Quebec

So Many Restaurants to Choose From in Wakefield, Quebec

For a small town, Wakefield can compete with some of the best cities in all of Quebec. Take advantage of this hidden gem now before the tourists find out and over-saturate the place.

While The Village House is the best overall restaurant in Wakefield, in my opinion, I will gladly join you at any of these other places to eat if you need company. Haha!

Bon appétit!

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